At Babylonbet, we believe in responsible gambling. Our commitment to this principle is unwavering and is a core part of our business philosophy. We understand that for many people gambling is a source of entertainment, but for some it can lead to problem behavior. We are committed to preventing this occurrence and ensuring that our users have a safe and controlled use of our site.

We provide a number of tools and resources to help users control their cravings. These include, but are not limited to, features such as self-exclusion periods, deposit limits, betting limits, etc. These tools allow our clients to set their limits and not to exceed them.

In addition, we have a team of qualified professionals ready to provide help and support to any player who thinks they may have a problem. We work closely with several organizations dedicated to fighting gambling addiction and can refer bettors who need additional support to these organizations.

We also recognize the importance of preventing underage gaming. To this end, we have robust age verification procedures in place to ensure that no one under the legal age can register an account or place bets on our website.

Babylonbet’s priority is to provide a safe, fun and responsible gaming environment for our players. We believe that with the right tools and support, everyone can enjoy gambling as an exciting and challenging pastime. 

How do you know you have a problem?

Identifying a gambling problem can be an important first step in addressing the problem and seeking help. The key is to recognize the signs that indicate you have gone beyond just having a pastime.

You may have a problem if you are exhibiting the following behaviors:

  • Uncontrolled spending: If you find yourself regularly spending more than you can afford on bets, this is a clear sign.
  • Chasing losses: A classic sign is trying to recoup your losses by increasing your bets.
  • Neglect of responsibilities: If betting is starting to interfere with work, school or relationships, it’s time to rethink your habits.
  • Obsession: An unhealthy obsession, your thoughts most of the time, is indicative of a problem.
  • Lying: If you have started lying to family and friends about your cravings or expenses, this is another red flag.
  • Failed attempts to quit: Numerous unsuccessful attempts to cut back or stop participating.
  • Turning to illegal activities: Resorting to illegal activities to finance bets or pay off debts is a serious warning sign.
  • Withdrawal symptoms: Feeling anxious or irritable when trying to cut back on gambling may indicate a problem.

Recognizing these signs and being honest with yourself is the first step to addressing the problem. If you recognize any of these signs, you should seek help.